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Actradis, first compliance management simplification network
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Creditsafe is an expert in BtoB Data Intelligence for small, medium and large companies. Its mission is to help and support managers to develop their companies in complete security. 

Their core business is Scoring (Default Prediction Score, Payment Behaviour Score, soon Fraud Anticipation Score), their product range includes a range of commercial, financial and legal solutions to ensure that companies make the most informed decisions.


Sis ID is a French FinTech company founded in 2016 that supports major companies in the fight against APP fraud. 
Designed and created by CAC 40 Financial Officers and Treasurers, the My Sis ID collaborative platform enables companies to share: the challenges of digitising finance, their experiences and expertise in respect of fraud, and their transactional information, within a single, secure, centralised repository, to protect their bank transactions. 
The power of collective intelligence is the backbone of the Sis ID network!

Chantier Privé

Chantier Privé by Saqara, provides to the construction companies exclusive and adapted projects according to their search criteria (geographical area, type of construction site). The tool automatically proposes to the construction companies selected tenders according to their needs, thus allowing them to choose the projects which correspond to them and to reach the DCE in a click. This dedicated platform, simple and ergonomic, allows companies to increase their visibility and expand their network, and allows contractors (project managers, general contractors) to find local partners.
In short time, building contractors and subcontractors can take advantage of an easy-to-use solution offering numerous consultations.


AOS by Saqara, stands for « Appels d’Offres Simplifiés » which means simplified tenders, whom improves the everyday life of those involved in the construction industry (project managers, contracting authorities, construction companies), and supports them with a SaaS software solution that simplifies, centralises and automates all the different stages involved in calls for tender (launch, monitoring, management, analysis, electronic signature). Their promise? To save time and visibility while allowing contractors and construction companies to exchange and meet each other thanks to the dematerialisation of the tender process. How can it be done? Clients can create their construction projects, put their consultation files online and enter the lots they wish to consult for the project.

The French Proptech

The French PropTech is a movement bringing together technology and innovation actors seeking to reinvent the city : a city centered on people and their uses ; a city where it is great to live in, to work and to entertain; a city where people feel « accomplished ». For the 21st century challenges, the French PropTech chooses to respond with the 21st century solutions.


SEIITRA is a leading software company in the goods administration market.
The mission of SEIITRA is to support the community of asset managers in their digital transformation and create a new source of value based on simplicity, power and openness.
Today, SEIITRA has over 12,000 users on a daily basis.


Batiref is an assessment site for construction professionals.
On the Batiref website, construction professionals can improve their reputation, show their specialities and achievements, as well as optimising their commercial marketing. The website allows users to look for professionals and share their experiences by submitting a review.


Ellisphere is a major player in the market for the provision of economic, financial and legal information about companies from all over the world. The company has more than 100 years of experience behind it in collecting, analysing and distributing highly-specialised information.
Ellisphere is an innovative company, firmly anchored in the digital age. It has a team of more than 300 staff, distributed across six main centres of excellence, whose job is to develop 100% digital solutions which offer online information about almost 165 million companies in more than 230 countries and territories.


Actradis is the co-founder of the Opera standard which is a system created with our competitor, Attestation Legale, to allow the distribution of records on both our platforms.
The Opera interoperability standard is carried by an Economic Interest Group represented by its founders, managers of unique administrative cases. The standard operators connect the interfaces of document exchange, open them up to user companies and other unique administrative record managers.
Further this online connection, Opera has developed the first social network of multi-operator companies which serves the safety and performance of companies.


The Union des groupements d’achat publique (UGAP) is a French central purchasing body under the double supervision of the Ministry of Economy, Finance and Industry and the Ministry of National Education. UGAP is a public industrial and commercial institution created in 1985 and placed under the double supervision of the Minister responsible for the budget, on the one hand, and the Minister responsible for national education, on the other. Today, it is the only French “generalist” public procurement centre and is a specific player in public procurement, whose role and methods of intervention are defined by the Code des marchés publics and the ordinance of 6 June 2005, these two texts having transposed the provisions of the Community Directives.


EASYPICS is a company specialised in purchasing optimization consulting. As part of its business, it designs and markets a computerized solution for managing customers and suppliers and offers in particular an offer for both purchasing management services and corporate marketing departments. EASYPICS makes it possible to streamline the management of panels of suppliers and customers of companies or groups of companies, by producing dashboards filled in and supplemented with different commercial data.

FNAIM Region Ile-de-France

The National Real Estate Federation (FNAIM) represents around 12,000 members with 15 different professions, recognized specialists in the transaction and administration of property, corporate real estate, land development or expertise. Spread over the entire French territory, the FNAIM companies and their 100,000 employees are at the heart of the real estate market. The FNAIM defends the interests of real estate professionals and their clients. As such, it provides a wide range of services to develop the ethics, competence and professionalism of its members in order to support and secure the real estate projects of those who trust them.

Network testimonial

“ Very practical, the employees are always very responsive and attentive and do everything to solve problems, with joy and good humor, Many thanks Sylvie in particular. ”
Christine DV.
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“ I am really satisfied with the service. Karine really helped me register. It was really lovely. thanks again. ”
Diahara H.
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“ A big thank you to Ms. Rachida for her friendliness, responsiveness and professionalism. ”
Laura G.
“ Thanks to Vickie for her welcome and her information, my file was able to move forward. ”
Swann C.
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“  Very quick call back, efficient and professional response, good listening from my contact. Well done ! ”