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Actradis, our
CSR approach

Let’s move towards a more responsible world

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« Co-building in the heart of digital innovation,
a network of responsible businesses. »
The purpose of Actradis

Our initiative

Since its creation, Actradis has been fully committed to a CSR initiative based on three main pillars: environmental, social and economical. 

We are willing to support our network to adopt a more responsible attitude, in harmony with our environment. 

We are determined to develop a digitalised B2B network. Through the sharing of administrative data and document exchange dematerialisation, we can connect a network of businesses while caring about the preservation of our ecosystem.

It it time to take action on this cause that unites us all.

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« A substantial growth is one that cares about its present. »
Hugo Krauze, CEO

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Our actions

The Actradis team is taking action to raise awareness of CSR amongst our collaborators. Acting together will enable change.


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Our projects

Every project that Actradis undertakes should also enhance awareness of CSR to support our network in applying sustainable thinking. Let’s grow together.


Actradis is member of the Global Compact of the United Nations

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The environmental aspect

The waste and depletion of natural resources, the accumulation of non-renewable energy sources and waste, etc. are the environmental themes that Actradis has decided to prioritise in its CSR initiative.

In May 2021, Actradis calculated its carbon footprint. In light of this, an action plan was drawn up to ensure that our promising growth objectives are met while respecting our environmental commitments.

The economical aspect

What if we became a “green business”?

Our digital platform represents an accelerator in the transition towards a circular economy: we can optimise business-to-business synergies while reducing our energy consumption.

Actradis’ dynamics involves material, organisational, financial, human and creative means to engage in a ‘green’ digital revolution.  

The social aspect

Actradis’ corporate social responsibility recognises the 7 core themes of ISO 26000:

  • Organisational governance 
  • Human rights 
  • Labour practices 
  • The Environment 
  • Fair operating practices 
  • Consumer issues 
  • Community involvement and development.