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CSR virtuous circle

CSR, a virtuous circle for companies ?

When we talk about CSR, we can commonly think about the environnemental aspect. A fundamental pillar of this term is society which is equally important from an internal or external point of view.
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What are the risks under the SAPIN II law ?

The law no.2016-1691 imposed on the 9th December 2016 in France, known as the SAPIN II law is related to transparency, fight against corruption and modernization of the economic life. An obligation to be vigilant against the risk of corruption to companies with more than 500 employees...
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document coverage

How to check an URSSAF certificate of coverage ?

The certificate of coverage is a document that allows a company to prive that it is in good standing with respect to the declaration and payment of its social security contributions. This is one of the three regulatory documents requested for the duty of care.
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list of foreign employees

List of foreign employees, which nationalities are concerned ?

The list of foreign employees is a document that subcontractor must submit to their clients when entering into a contract...
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Actradis'news april 2022

Actradis’News – April 2022

Actradis assists you in your administrative procedures in order to facilitate your relations with your clients and suppliers...
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attestation régularité sociale de vigilance

What is the tax clearance certificate?

A tax clearance certificate is a document that proves that your company has complied with its tax obligations. In the context of...
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