How to verify the authenticity of a proof of registration (KBIS) ?

Authencity of proof of registration

The Kbis extract registration document is a regulatory document that principals must request from their subcontractors in the context of the law on the obligation of vigilance to combat undeclared work.

Two means of verification have been put in place to certify the authenticity of a Kbis extract:

  • The verification code: You will find a 10-character verification code (upper and lower case letters and numbers) at the top right of the document. You can then consult the free verification system set up by infogreffe: and enter the code

  • The QR code: to the right of the verification code, you will also find a QR code which, when scanned, confirms or not the authenticity of a Kbis extract by directing you to an infogreffe verification page

This verification page also informs you :

  • the date the document was ordered ;
  • the company’s name ;
  • the company’s registration number.

The page also allows you to consult information about the company by clicking on “see company details”.

In this way you can be informed of :

  • its registered office ;
  • its legal form ;
  • its activity (NAF code);
  • its date of registration;
  • its financial performance.

The verification page also allows you to order a new one if the Kbis extract is not up to date by clicking on “order the up to date extract”. As a reminder, in most cases where it is requested, the Kbis extract must be less than 3 months old.

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