How to check an URSSAF certificate of coverage ?

document coverage

The certificate of coverage is a document that allows a company to prive that it is in good standing with respect to the declaration and payment of its social security contributions. This is one of the three regulatory documents requested for the duty of care.

How to verify the authenticity of a certificate of coverage ?

On the left of the URSSAF certificate, there is a security code composed of 15 characters (numbers et uppercase letters). You can check without any charge the authenticity of a certificate by entering the code on the URSSAF website : l’URSSAF : 

The verification page informs you of the validity or non-validity of the the certificate, but also :

  • the nature of the attestation

  • the date of certification of the document

  • the workforce of the company

  • the company payroll

  • the establishment which is the subject of the application (with its siret number and the address of the institution)

As a reminder, the certificate of coverage is a document valid for 6 months, so it must be renewed twice a year. 

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